North Elementary’s Title I status gives us extra resources paid for by the federal government.  These resources include additional instructional personnel (such as literacy aides) and equipment money for computers, etc. 

Our Title I status is determined by the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.  If you qualified last year, please note that you must fill out a new form each year. 

If you think there is any chance you may qualify, please ask your child’s teacher or the front office for a form to fill out. You can fill out a form by hand, or, even more convenient, you may fill out a form online at:

If you qualify, you do not have to use this service; but it will still count toward our Title I status! 

Please fill out a form as soon as possible.  We need as many NES families as possible to fill this out!  We don't want to lose the additional resources this gives us!!


View and Download Form Now