January 25th....are you ready for it?

 The science and engineering fair is an exciting time for students at North Elementary. They now have access to the Southern Utah University STEM Resource and Tutor   Center. Utilizing the science lab and equipment, any student can have access to the tutors and resources they need to succeed at the science and engineering fair. 

Click here for a link to the new science and engineering practices and the science cross-cutting concepts.  These will be used as the judging criteria.  While we realize that there are very few science (or engineering) projects that will use all of them, please note that the more of these your child can give evidence of (through his/her interview, display, or both), the more points s/he will be awarded!  Please take a close look at them and see how many can be incorporated into your child's project.

 There is a new shift of looking at science as a process, instead of a series of outlined steps like in the scientific method. Finding out what interests the students and what   questions they might have about the world around them is the first step in the process that might lead the student down a path of scientific discovery.

 Grades K-2 will be emphasizing different aspects of the scientific process and experimenting and drawing conclusions as a whole class demonstration. They will be   showcasing their class projects at the science and engineering fair in May.

 Grades 3-5 will be picking their topic, researching their topic, planning their experiment and using the new science and engineering practices detailed in the above link.

Also, it's vital that you understand the following:

1.  Absolutely NO liquids or living organisms will be allowed at the fair.  If your child's project involves either one of these, just take lots of pictures and use them in his/her display.  Bonus points will be awarded to those students who use only photos on their display board without bringing anything else to the fair!  

2. ALL children at North Elementary are required to have a project at the fair.  Students can choose to be in groups of up to three kids for one project.  NO CHILD WILL BE DENIED THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER A PROJECT BASED ON HIS/HER ABILITY TO PAY FOR PAPER, SCIENCE "STUFF", ETC.  IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD A DISPLAY BOARD, SCIENCE MATERIALS, ETC, PLEASE SEE YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER IMMEDIATELY!  THEY WILL HELP!

Thanks for your support of this awesome event!