Very Important Safety Notice for ALL Parents
We continue to see unsafe practices during our parent pick-up at the end of the day and we are very concerned for the safety of ALL our children.  If you come to pick up your child, please remember the following at all times, even when you are in a hurry:
1)  NEVER leave your car unattended in the pickup lane.  
2)  ALWAYS pull forward whenever you can in the pickup lane.  
3)  NEVER stop in the drive-thru lane.
4)  If you want to park, use the proper parking spaces (whether in the lot or on the street) and then ESCORT your child back to your car
5)  NEVER wave your child over and through traffic!
6) NEVER leave your car unattended in the thru lane of 200 North and around the corner on 600 West after 3:00 (1:00 on Wednesdays). 
If we work together, we can ensure that ALL our students get home safely!  Thank you for your cooperation and concern for all of our students!
-- Mr. Whittier
(posted 9/11/2017)