Dear Friends and Family of North Elementary Students:

The Iron Co. School District school board recently adopted (as mandated by state and federal law) a new wellness policy for our schools. There are parts of this new policy that affect the kind and timing of treats allowable from outside school personnel. Please note the following:

"Due to the increase of students with food allergies and to insure their safety; no classified employees or non-school personnel will be allowed to pass out food items to students.

Non-school entities such as PTA, PTO, and Community Organizations must have the prior permission (on each occasion), of the School Administrator before handing out any food items.

Teachers will be allowed to have a monthly classroom activity that involves food given to students. Activities such as Greek Day, PI Day, Valentines parties, etc. are allowable. Teachers are encouraged to reduce the use of food-based rewards and explore other incentive options.

Celebration and recognition of student birthdays are not included in the monthly classroom activity. However parents are encouraged to send food items that have been purchased from the store and have a food nutrition facts label that includes a carb count for diabetic students. Birthday food items will be offered after the students have had the opportunity to eat lunch."

In short, if you'd like to pass out a treat to your child's class, etc, please check with your child's teacher first.  If the teacher feels it's necessary, you can also call the office at 586-2845.

Have a great day!