School Policies

Iron County School District and North Elementary have a number of different policies and consent forms that have been developed to provide you and/or your child with the best education possible in a safe environment. Please take a few moments to review each policy in the documents below. At the beginning of each year that your child is at North Elementary, you are asked to sign a form stating that you have read and understand each document. Thank you for your help in following these policies and helping your child follow them as well. We greatly appreciate all you do to help us have fantastic year.

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The 2016 Parent Policy Packet covers the following policies:
1. Iron County School District Safe Schools Policy
2. Iron County School District K-5 Student Computer Acceptable Use Policy
3. Iron County School District Student Dress Standards
4. North Elementary Parent Handbook
5. North Elementary Title 1 Parent Compact
6. North Elementary Field Trip/Activities Parent Consent Form
7. Take Home Library Permission