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Thursday, March 16, 2016 Update:
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Update:

A new year has begun. Please join us to help improve our school.

January 28, 2016 Meeting Minutes

North Elementary Community Council meeting held January 28, 2016 at 4:00 pm in the North Elementary Media Center.

Those in attendance:  Ray Whittier, Clay Carter, Cherene Heap, Gennie Palmer, DaNeil Petty, Chelsee Robinson, Jay Merryweather, Lori Clark

  • Ray welcomed all attendees and reviewed progress on last year’s Trustlands budget.  Funds are being used exclusively for all that was marked down in last years budget…mostly instructional support personnel.  Ray noted that we seem to be in good shape and may have a carryover this year because of how careful we’re being about the budget.  Also, thanks to America Reads, we have not had to hire a homework club TA this year.  Gina Bellamy has been hired to find science articles for the take-home library. She is making slow progress but intends to have 100 books in the library by the end of the school year.
  • Next year’s budget was discussed.  The following items were approved for next year’s plan:
  • $31000–Instructional aides including literacy support, advanced learner program, and science/art integration TA to take classes during grade level PLT meetings
  • $2000–advanced learner program supplies and supplies for the science/art integration teacher
  • Total Budgeted:  $33000
  • If not all funds are spent as outlined above, we will hold a carryover to use for new equipment, computers, etc when moving into the new school building to be completed summer, 2017

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.

Community Council Meeting Notice for January 2016


October 15, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Complete Meeting Notice for October 2015 with agenda


The final report for the 2014-2015 Trustlands Plan is as follows:
According to the pre-determined budget, North Elementary spent just over $31,000 during the 2014-2015 school year on Trustlands salaries and benefits.  The majority of this was spent to have our arts specialist, Mrs. Mel, increase her time at the school each week up to 4/5 time to more fully meet the arts needs of the school.  This boost in hours helped Mrs. Mel to have the kids plan, practice, and perform grade-level musicals for their peers and parents.  
Hourly wages were also paid to kindergarten literacy aides, a homework club aide,  and a take-home librarian.  These funds were spent to help us increase the percentage of kids who were reading on grade level.  We did not reach this goal and are implementing plans now to improve in this area.  We are emphasizing a strategy called “close reading” that helps kids learn to attack difficult text.  We are also training teachers on strategies to help students improve their writing skills.  



Several months ago, we scheduled a meeting for our community council and advisory board (combined) for December 2nd at 4:15.  As it turns out, this meeting needs to be rescheduled to Wednesday, December 17 from 3:00 to 5:00pm (no longer–hopefully shorter) in the Professional Development Room at North Elementary School.
The purpose of this meeting will be to give an update on our progress as a school and to start discussions regarding our future and how to guide it efficiently.
Here is our agenda:
  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Quick review of vision, mission, and goals
  3. Progress Update
    1. Open Enrollment
    2. ICU’s
      1. Teacher quality
    3. Professional Development
    4. Technology
      1. Waterford
      2. ALEKS
      3. Hour of Code
      4. 1 to 1 devices
    5. Leader in Me
    6. Preschool
    7. Visitors from around the state
    8. Boundary change fall, 2016
    9. Remodeling/wish-list
  4. Short Break (10 min)
  5. Discussion:  Moving Ahead
    1. Advisory Board involvement
      1. Defining membership (Community Council?)
      2. Screening involvement from outside entities
      3. Support
        1. Additional/volunteer personnel
          1. Classroom support
          2. After school activities
          3. Science/engineering demos
        2. Recruiting students
        3. Public relations
        4. Legislature/STEMAC/USOE relations
  6. When do we meet again?  Who will come?
  7. Adjourn
All parents and other interested parties are hereby notified that we have a community council meeting on Wednesday, March 12, at 4:00 pm in the North Elementary library.  We’ll talk about the following:
1.  Review this year’s trustlands plan and our progress so far.  HERE is a link to review our plan if you’d like.
2.  Create a first draft for our 14-15 trustlands plan.  The final will be approved in the fall.
We would love your input.  Please consider attending.
Ray Whittier
Proposed Meeting Schedule:
December 11, 2013
Mid-Year School Review in conjunction with Advisory Board
March 12, 2014
Develop Trustlands Plan for 14-15

comm coun mbrshp roster fall 13

12-13 final trustlands report

North Elementary Community Council Meeting

September 4, 2013

North Elementary Media Center

Those in attendance:  Ray Whittier, Melanie Skankey, LeShell Murray, Holly Adams, Gennie Palmer

  1. Walk-safe plan was approved

  2. Reading plan was approved

  3. Trustlands plan was amended/updated as follows:

    1. With the additional funds allotted this fall, and with our carryover from last year, we now have approximately $31,000 for FY14

    2. Budgeted expenditures:

      1. Art Specialist salary augmentation to 4/5 time:  $17,000

      2. Take-home Librarian:  $4000

      3. Homework Club TA:  $3000

      4. Kindergarten Literacy:  $1000

      5. Carryover for FY15:  $7000

        1. The carryover will be used next year to keep our art specialist at 4/5 time

    3. Curricular areas of emphasis for our Trustlands Plan are fine arts, science, and literacy

  4. The following goals were approved as our 2013-2014 School Improvement Plan at North Elementary:

    1. Students will take more ownership of their own educational experience as shown by an increase of the number of students who respond “always” or “usually” on Annual Student Survey questions 3, 4, and 5.

    2. Teachers will increase communication with parents as shown by an increase in the number of parents who respond “always” or “usually” on the Annual Parent Survey questions 4 and 7.

    3. North Elementary STEAM/Partnership School will enhance its image in the community.  We will measure the effectiveness of our efforts with a “before” and “after” survey.

  5. The following parent members of the community council were appointed to a second term by the other parent members:  Gennie Palmer, Nicole Roberts.  This was done because no community members came forward for the elections held August 27, 28, and 29, 2013.


March 22, 2013
Cedar North Elementary
Community Council Meeting

March 22, 2013

2:30 PM, North Elementary Media Center


Those in attendance: Ray Whittier, Gennie Palmer, Becky Comstock, Nicole Roberts, John Allred, LeShelle Murray

Discussed the pros and cons of using a large amount of next year’s trustlands budget to hire Mrs. Mel (our theater arts teacher) 4/5 time for next year. After much explanation and discussion, the recommendation passed and the following trustlands budget was approved:

Projected allocation inc. carryover: $27805 (slated to increase)

Aide salary (inc. FICA): $6,000

Arts teacher salary: $21805

It was decided that if we don’t have to use the entire amount allocated for the Arts teacher salary, we will meet again and amend the budget. Possible uses of the unallocated moneys are: Leader in Me program, saving money for adoption of a math series, and additional science materials and equipment for our STEAM program.

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Community Council News
The North Elementary Community Council met on July 31st, September 14th, and September 26th. The three meetings were very productive. We appreciate our council members time and efforts to help our school! Here is a list of those things that were decided at the meetings:
· The 2012-13 Walk Safe Plan was adopted

· The 2012-13 Trustland Budget was approved

· The 2012-13 School Improvement Plan was formulated

· The council watched the video, “Earning for Education” about how the state trustlands works

· Three new parent members were appointed to the community council. They were chosen by the other parent members of the council since only one of them put her name on the list for community council elections. The three new members of the council are: LeShell Murray, John Allred, and Alan Ford. In addition, Becky Comstock (1st grade) and Melanie Skankey (arts) were approved as the new faculty members of the committee. All community council contact information is available on our school website.

For your information, the trustlands budget of approximately $15,400 (plus a carryover from last year of $1800) was all allocated to teacher assistant wages. The take-home librarian, two literacy TA’s and the music teacher salaries will all be paid from this fund.

In addition, the following school improvement goals were approved by the community council:

Goal #1: We will improve communication between school and home as measured by a 3% increase in the number of parents who respond “always” or “usually” to the annual survey questions, “The school informs me in a timely manner about the needs and concerns of my child.”

Goal #2: Students’ attitudes and aptitudes regarding reading, science, and math will improve by 10% throughout this school year as measured by pre- and post-surveys.

Goal #3: We will improve the parent and student feelings of safety at our school as measured by a 2% increase in the number of those who respond “always” or “usually” to the annual survey questions, “I feel safe at North Elementary School” and “North Elementary provides a safe environment for my child.”

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